Saturday, March 15, 2008

Walking down the street

The snow really is melting! It is not just a dream. We have had fun enjoying the warmer days (30's & 40's) and splashing about in the puddles. Ella had dance class earlier today and was still in her outfit. It was fun getting groceries with my little princess- she had her gold shoes on too! I got way too many smiles- I sure I had a slightly exasperated look on my face- as if she wore this kind of stuff all the time. I am thankful she does not! She did seem to have a slight extra bounce in her step today though!

If you look closely at their feet you can catch the unicorn I drew. Ella has asked me for a unicorn for a pet. I think we will get this one when I locate the pet mermaid. In fact, I think they can room together!

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