Monday, November 12, 2012


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I have been gone for some time. Did you miss me? Here is our Christmas card for this year. I am looking at some tall children and some big feet. I recently bought Ella some size 6 shoes for Christmas and Lars is ready for size 3. Lars' feet scare me. Ella was a 3 at the end of 2nd grade. He's going to be one tall boy. Holiday time will be here before we know it. So glad to have this off of my checklist. My friend Jess is my family photographer! I owe her much for doing such great pics for me!

Just so I do not forget- his new favorite thing (actually it is mine) is when I leave each morning. He hugs me and brushes the hair from my cheek and gives me the sweetest kiss ever. Such sweetness, this one. Oh, but it does not end there. Then he proceeds to stand on whatever furniture is nearest - chair, ottoman, bench- then proceeds to announce, "Tall man kiss!" I am directed to come stand net to him and engage in a "tall man kiss" with my oh so little, and dear boy. I make him promise to always do this. He promises, of course. Can I hold him to it?