Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lemonade and Leaves

Ella and Alice were playing together on a beautiful Labor Day. What else to do but have a lemonade stand. I was itching to go shopping but instead, I got them the lemonade and cups and got my book ready. I read from the porch and watched them from afar as they were excited and bored with their real lemonade stand. This was worth staying at home and literally doing nothing but watching our girls have fun.

My guess is they had two neighbors (thanks Jo and Don), two sets of bikers and two cars that pulled up and ordered lemonade. Everytime someone came they squealed with excitement and were so giddy they almost forgot what to do. I stood my ground on the porch and laughed heartily as their first customer had to help them pour as the container was a bit too heavy for them to handle ontheir own. When they were bored they decorated their stand (a box) with more decorations.

If you look closely at the signs one says "Lemonaid" (I can never remember how to spell it) and the other was "Flowers". The only problem was we did not have lots of flowers to choose from, so Ella decided to sell pretty leaves instead for a penny a piece. Sadly there were no takers for the leaves. I did have to hold my laughter when a set of bikers approached and Ella proudly told them we had lemonade for a quarter and leaves for a penny. She very seriously said she would take the lemonade. I was having a hard time keeping a straight face!

More Home Projects...

I cleared the side of the house. Ready for free plants.

Bret's new drainage system, then we will finish the boxes and I can do more landscaping!

New windows downstairs and a new door coming soon. This great work brought to us by Mark & Rob. I am so grateful to have such handy people in my family.

Kitchen Progress

All the wallpaper is gone! Hooray!

And above are the two new light fixtures. I have one my handyman (Mark) is helping to hang on arm. But overall they help bring my kitchen out of the fifties.

If anyone would like to see a house frozen in time, you should come to my neighbors to see what I termed "The Scariest Open House Ever!" If you are in the market for a house with a lot of potential and willing to do a complete overhaul, then this is the house for you. Unfortunately, they are selling it way too high and no one has realized that smokey mirrored glass, food on the walls, dirty carpets, and plastic flowers are NOT selling features anyone wants to look at these days.

Now I just need to prep the walls then it is onto choosing a color. I think green is a high contender but blue has been recommended. I think it may just depend. We will see!

Mr. Shucks Rocks

Mr. Shucks, the CR Kernels mascot is truly a sight to behold. The kids are finally old enought and are not too scared of him so we got this great shot!


Only at the Kernels can both your kids leave with a ball and a free spaghetti dinner from Zio Johnnos! Ella was so excited that she finally won a trophy!

We even were luck enough to get a free ice cream and had more than enough for 7 people. This one looks as large as Lars' head! It wasn;t quite that large but still it was big!

ACT 2009 Picnic

Hands down the ACT picnic is one of the best for families! Lars was a daredevil and decided to ride on the Pirates Revenge and the squeaky train. We enjoyed the company of friends and ate lots of food. Bret was disappointed they ran out of ice cream bars (again! 2 years running). They celebrated their 50 years in business with a fireworks display that the kids loved. We all went home tired and full. A good night by all!