Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lemonade and Leaves

Ella and Alice were playing together on a beautiful Labor Day. What else to do but have a lemonade stand. I was itching to go shopping but instead, I got them the lemonade and cups and got my book ready. I read from the porch and watched them from afar as they were excited and bored with their real lemonade stand. This was worth staying at home and literally doing nothing but watching our girls have fun.

My guess is they had two neighbors (thanks Jo and Don), two sets of bikers and two cars that pulled up and ordered lemonade. Everytime someone came they squealed with excitement and were so giddy they almost forgot what to do. I stood my ground on the porch and laughed heartily as their first customer had to help them pour as the container was a bit too heavy for them to handle ontheir own. When they were bored they decorated their stand (a box) with more decorations.

If you look closely at the signs one says "Lemonaid" (I can never remember how to spell it) and the other was "Flowers". The only problem was we did not have lots of flowers to choose from, so Ella decided to sell pretty leaves instead for a penny a piece. Sadly there were no takers for the leaves. I did have to hold my laughter when a set of bikers approached and Ella proudly told them we had lemonade for a quarter and leaves for a penny. She very seriously said she would take the lemonade. I was having a hard time keeping a straight face!

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saras said...

What awesome fun! Those girls are too cute! I would have loved lemonade. Keep me posted on the next selling date :)