Monday, November 12, 2012


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I have been gone for some time. Did you miss me? Here is our Christmas card for this year. I am looking at some tall children and some big feet. I recently bought Ella some size 6 shoes for Christmas and Lars is ready for size 3. Lars' feet scare me. Ella was a 3 at the end of 2nd grade. He's going to be one tall boy. Holiday time will be here before we know it. So glad to have this off of my checklist. My friend Jess is my family photographer! I owe her much for doing such great pics for me!

Just so I do not forget- his new favorite thing (actually it is mine) is when I leave each morning. He hugs me and brushes the hair from my cheek and gives me the sweetest kiss ever. Such sweetness, this one. Oh, but it does not end there. Then he proceeds to stand on whatever furniture is nearest - chair, ottoman, bench- then proceeds to announce, "Tall man kiss!" I am directed to come stand net to him and engage in a "tall man kiss" with my oh so little, and dear boy. I make him promise to always do this. He promises, of course. Can I hold him to it?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Halloween Preview

Loving this today.  Very retro, very weird and makes me laugh each time I glance at it.  My daughter thought she was bad ass, but of course is now having costume remorse and wants to be a witch.  I am holding my own on this and refusing to buy another costume.  She found her old Dorothy costume and might go as that.  I think waitress with attitude is much more original and easier for her to pull off! Lars her is the amputee cop- not sure where his arm went but love it still. Happy Haloween!


I totally know I have more pictures of Kindergarten.  But I cannot find them right now. Coming soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rainbow Cake- Picture Story....

7th Birthday

It will be important to remember that we had a completely inside party this year as it was 108 degrees on the day of your party.  Last week on your actual birthday it decided to rain (again- just like last year) but we did get in an hour and half or swimming. 

Today we decided to stay cool and see the movie Rio- it was adorable!  Everyone got a bag of candy to munch on during the movie.  Then it was off to Pizza Ranch for buffet and rainbow cake!  This was the second time I have made it and it was a bright and pretty surprise!

Happy birthday to my growing and beautiful daughter.  I am sad to see how you are no longer the little girl but you are becoming strong and independent and devkloping your own ideas and interests.  I can't wait to see who you grow up to be.  You told everyone at you church group that when you grew up you, "want to have fun and be an artist!"  I find your enthusiasm for joy contagious- I hope to never see this disappear!  Love you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

Boerner Time

What can I say, great town and even better people!  

We miss these guys dearly and Iowa City is not the same without them.  We loved getting to see their new life and it was a sad departure.  Seems real now somehow and I can't keep thinking that they will be back.  I am glad to have these people in my life and feel fortunate that they were such an important (shall I say - integral) part of my young childrens' lives.  

Jeff, Nora, Alice, Greta and little Hazel- your footprints left behind in Iowa are huge and will be difficult to fill.  However you are loved and will always be a part of our family.  You are welcome in our home anytime!

Excuse me while I go cry now.