Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday Flashback

Ella at Lake Macbride. I think this was right before she turned one. Having a rip roaring good time!

Ella 20 months, Jen 5 months pregnant with a great hair day!

Here is Miss Ella, 4, this summer. Is that a grin or a smirk?

The infamous picture of Lars and Greta. Lars is exactly one month younger. I suspect Lars is about 3 months and Greta is 4. I think this is one of my all time favorite pictures. Tell all mommies everywhere to calm down about comparing babies. Look below to see why.

Here they are this summer, age 2. About the same size. They seem to love each other pretty well. We certainly love them a lot!
Nora-This was the only pic of them I could find- help me to take more!

I love the idea of Flashback Friday! This certainly gives me an opportunity to retro blog or scan in some pictures of awkwardness or something embarrassing. I think andrea g recommended a wedding flashback next week. I think that is a great idea. I will see what I can do to add to everyones viewing pleasure. I wish I had big hair and super poofy sleeves but I was in high school in the 80's not getting married. How about a great 80's pic sometime? Or Jen as hippie. You will just have to wait. I sincerely hope I can't find any pics of me from Phish or Dead concerts. Those may be too fun to post- literally!

Thanks to Ben

This year is about gratitude and being thankful for all we have. The floods have certainly reinforced this lesson with us and many in the area. We have begun our school year, gaining several students whose homes were destroyed in the flooding and had to relocate to our district. I hope we as a school and community help to welcome them.

One of the best examples I have in my life of gratitude, thankfulness and community is Bret's mom, or my mother in law, Brenda. I will never in my life be able to thank her for all she has done, does and will do for us. I am truly in awe of what a great mother, wife, business owner and mother she is.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

I must, I repeat must resist the temptation to sneak l to the other end of my school to check on my daughter. Today was Ella's first day and it was a bit emotional- on my part and hers. I guess I would rather hand this part of parenting off to Bret as I think he is so much more even keel. I hugged her for one last goodbye and I think we both lost it with that squeeze. Ella did see a couple of friends that she did know and she went over to them but she still is figuring it all out. I think she is a little overwhelmed that she does not know everyone by name yet. I snuck in right before lunch and I was hoping to give her a pat and say good job. It did not however not go quite as planned. She saw me, clung to me and cried- all in one fell swoop. The class was singing Baby Bumblebee- one song I know she likes, but she was just so down. Not my little girl, I thought. But I did see the teacher later and she said that Ella later seemed to be turning the corner and was doing better.

After school she was excited to go home. I think it was a really long day for her (me too). She was pretty quiet about her happenings until she told me she made 3 new friends today. She did not learn their names, she just played- which is the most important thing in her world. She told several people excitedly after school that she had lots of fun. She also had a ham and cheese sandwich to eat and ice cream. She also had yummy fresh oranges from our snack grant. I am interested to see how school lunch goes! Hopefully I can resist the temptation of going down there and she will stay focused. I really love some of the new things Joanna has organized in the classroom and I know it will be an adjustment for Ella- but I also know she will know no different and will be doing fine once she gets into her groove.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trunk Show coming...

Just had to post that there will be a Boden Trunk show soon. I am so excited! I also played with my backgrounds on my blog for something new! Kinda fun! More to come on the trunk show. Let me know if you would like to come....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stuff Said

I constantly hear how amazed people are about how clear Lars is with his language. I am a little suprised as I thought the second would let the first talk for him. Definitely not the case here. He is very independent and he has a need for his opinion and views to be heard. With that, every night he tells me to " cover up me mommy."

Ella observed several young teens going down the sidewalk in small shorts and workout bras. She told me that they must be going swimming because they did not have any clothes on. Interesting observation. I wish I could record it for 10 years from now.

Then later the same day as we were leaving HyVee she saw a picture of what she thought was Bill Clinton. Oddly enough it was Barack Obama- he was very grey and lighter skinned in the picture so I kinda understood the confusion. She asked me if he was married to Hillary. I explained Bill was married to HIllary and Obama was married to another woman. She was very quiet then in the parking lot she asked who was wonder woman. I had absolutely no clue until she told me that Obama was married to wonder woman. Of course! I giggled the whole way home. I like to think now that all men are married to wonder woman!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where did my Summer go?

Summer is near its end. I am finally getting stuff from my garden. Late as always. The kids are perhaps a little too tan. Lars' hair is very blonde and long. We have been to the library many many times and explored the playgrounds of Iowa City and Coralville. I am amazed at how much Lars has learned too- he is one coordinated little guy. It pleases and shocks me at the same time. I have seen so much of their personalities this summer that I am torn to go back to school more than ever. Before I did not think they would miss mommy in any way.

But after they spent the weekend with nana and papa (another first!) they were so happy to be back. The cries I heard from Lars and he told daddy he missed him brought tears to my eyes. He really loves his daddy more than anything. It is such a wonderful thing to see! Ella was trying to be grown up (at 4) and very independent but she still shed tears over missing mommy. I will say Bret and I enjoyed our time away, but there is something I missed about little feet running through the house and arms wrapping around your legs for the big squeeze and the toothy smile of "I lub you". Those were all missed this weekend.

I am thankful that we had the weekend away but I think it will be hard to realize how much I will miss this fall with going back to work. Let me now enjoy my last few days with no schedules and no plans just play and tickles!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monkeys in my House

I have been looking for something to hang on my son's wall. I found lots of things I thought were cool but not necessarily something for his room or him. I fell in love with these darling cheeky red monkeys from Etsy store One Designs Up. They were very very easy to install- I would say it was about 30-40 minutes for the whole set. The best part is they were only $15. They still have one set left if you are interested!

I have sheets with his toddler mattress that have animals and match pretty well. But soon we will put the big boy twin in his room. I found these sheets from PB. I love them but they are pricey. I will be watching however! They are organic and I think will last him quite a long time. I also think he could use a solid colored blanket or quilt on top of these sheets- perhaps in the orange or the green color. Hmm...too many choices here!

Mudroom Creation

I have been busy creating. In fact, I have been consumed trying to get those little projects done before school begins. Now, I know my life does not end when school starts- but I have to organize things differently. In reference to organization I decided to get rid of the clutter in the doorway and move it to my new mudroom. I painted and hung hooks everywhere. I also had a shelf laying around to use. I transformed this room for under $100. I still need a few things but it is pretty functional as it right now. I was using it as a storage area for kids toys and outdoor things and for art/ drawing supplies.

Well, I kept the art stuff out there as well am my fun and functional art display. I made it with eye hooks, piano wire and binder clips. My daughter loves rotating art in and out. It looks so beautiful no matter what it up there. I love that the art stuff is still there but now we can have coats and shoes there as well. It makes sense for this to be used in this way. The green frame I found at a consignment store is one of those that you can easily change the art by sliding the picture in from the back. I think it is PB. I still need to finish sewing the cushion. I am short about 1/2 yard. I have plans to use a coordinating but different material for the other side of the cushions so I can have two different looks. I used Amy Butler fabrics with large floral designs. One is pretty formal and the other has thisle flower- which I love and think are fun too. I will have to post that project. I am not sure if I am looking forward to it. We will see. The kids seem excited about the new room. I hope it works this winter with all the stuff. So in my attempt to organize on epart of my house, I now have several other messy areas I need to pay attention to. Does organizing always have a chain effect elsewhere?