Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monkeys in my House

I have been looking for something to hang on my son's wall. I found lots of things I thought were cool but not necessarily something for his room or him. I fell in love with these darling cheeky red monkeys from Etsy store One Designs Up. They were very very easy to install- I would say it was about 30-40 minutes for the whole set. The best part is they were only $15. They still have one set left if you are interested!

I have sheets with his toddler mattress that have animals and match pretty well. But soon we will put the big boy twin in his room. I found these sheets from PB. I love them but they are pricey. I will be watching however! They are organic and I think will last him quite a long time. I also think he could use a solid colored blanket or quilt on top of these sheets- perhaps in the orange or the green color. Hmm...too many choices here!

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