Monday, August 11, 2008

Where did my Summer go?

Summer is near its end. I am finally getting stuff from my garden. Late as always. The kids are perhaps a little too tan. Lars' hair is very blonde and long. We have been to the library many many times and explored the playgrounds of Iowa City and Coralville. I am amazed at how much Lars has learned too- he is one coordinated little guy. It pleases and shocks me at the same time. I have seen so much of their personalities this summer that I am torn to go back to school more than ever. Before I did not think they would miss mommy in any way.

But after they spent the weekend with nana and papa (another first!) they were so happy to be back. The cries I heard from Lars and he told daddy he missed him brought tears to my eyes. He really loves his daddy more than anything. It is such a wonderful thing to see! Ella was trying to be grown up (at 4) and very independent but she still shed tears over missing mommy. I will say Bret and I enjoyed our time away, but there is something I missed about little feet running through the house and arms wrapping around your legs for the big squeeze and the toothy smile of "I lub you". Those were all missed this weekend.

I am thankful that we had the weekend away but I think it will be hard to realize how much I will miss this fall with going back to work. Let me now enjoy my last few days with no schedules and no plans just play and tickles!

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Nora said...

I love reading your blog.