Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mudroom Creation

I have been busy creating. In fact, I have been consumed trying to get those little projects done before school begins. Now, I know my life does not end when school starts- but I have to organize things differently. In reference to organization I decided to get rid of the clutter in the doorway and move it to my new mudroom. I painted and hung hooks everywhere. I also had a shelf laying around to use. I transformed this room for under $100. I still need a few things but it is pretty functional as it right now. I was using it as a storage area for kids toys and outdoor things and for art/ drawing supplies.

Well, I kept the art stuff out there as well am my fun and functional art display. I made it with eye hooks, piano wire and binder clips. My daughter loves rotating art in and out. It looks so beautiful no matter what it up there. I love that the art stuff is still there but now we can have coats and shoes there as well. It makes sense for this to be used in this way. The green frame I found at a consignment store is one of those that you can easily change the art by sliding the picture in from the back. I think it is PB. I still need to finish sewing the cushion. I am short about 1/2 yard. I have plans to use a coordinating but different material for the other side of the cushions so I can have two different looks. I used Amy Butler fabrics with large floral designs. One is pretty formal and the other has thisle flower- which I love and think are fun too. I will have to post that project. I am not sure if I am looking forward to it. We will see. The kids seem excited about the new room. I hope it works this winter with all the stuff. So in my attempt to organize on epart of my house, I now have several other messy areas I need to pay attention to. Does organizing always have a chain effect elsewhere?

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