Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stuff Said

I constantly hear how amazed people are about how clear Lars is with his language. I am a little suprised as I thought the second would let the first talk for him. Definitely not the case here. He is very independent and he has a need for his opinion and views to be heard. With that, every night he tells me to " cover up me mommy."

Ella observed several young teens going down the sidewalk in small shorts and workout bras. She told me that they must be going swimming because they did not have any clothes on. Interesting observation. I wish I could record it for 10 years from now.

Then later the same day as we were leaving HyVee she saw a picture of what she thought was Bill Clinton. Oddly enough it was Barack Obama- he was very grey and lighter skinned in the picture so I kinda understood the confusion. She asked me if he was married to Hillary. I explained Bill was married to HIllary and Obama was married to another woman. She was very quiet then in the parking lot she asked who was wonder woman. I had absolutely no clue until she told me that Obama was married to wonder woman. Of course! I giggled the whole way home. I like to think now that all men are married to wonder woman!

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