Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

I must, I repeat must resist the temptation to sneak l to the other end of my school to check on my daughter. Today was Ella's first day and it was a bit emotional- on my part and hers. I guess I would rather hand this part of parenting off to Bret as I think he is so much more even keel. I hugged her for one last goodbye and I think we both lost it with that squeeze. Ella did see a couple of friends that she did know and she went over to them but she still is figuring it all out. I think she is a little overwhelmed that she does not know everyone by name yet. I snuck in right before lunch and I was hoping to give her a pat and say good job. It did not however not go quite as planned. She saw me, clung to me and cried- all in one fell swoop. The class was singing Baby Bumblebee- one song I know she likes, but she was just so down. Not my little girl, I thought. But I did see the teacher later and she said that Ella later seemed to be turning the corner and was doing better.

After school she was excited to go home. I think it was a really long day for her (me too). She was pretty quiet about her happenings until she told me she made 3 new friends today. She did not learn their names, she just played- which is the most important thing in her world. She told several people excitedly after school that she had lots of fun. She also had a ham and cheese sandwich to eat and ice cream. She also had yummy fresh oranges from our snack grant. I am interested to see how school lunch goes! Hopefully I can resist the temptation of going down there and she will stay focused. I really love some of the new things Joanna has organized in the classroom and I know it will be an adjustment for Ella- but I also know she will know no different and will be doing fine once she gets into her groove.

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saras said...

Hey Jen, I found your blog through Mindy! I love first day of school pictures. My friends introduced me to blogging and I now am hooked. Check it out Anymore on the Boden trunk show???