Saturday, June 28, 2008

Darling Pictures

Here are a few absolutely beautiful pictures of the kids in their South African wedding wear. I had to post these because they will just not be this small and perfect forever. I love how sweet and innocent they look here. I know they are sweet and innocent but these pictures really capture that. And Lars has a hint of trouble in his smirk. I have one more coming...

This is my favorite picture of us in a long time. Bret is missing because we did this for Father's Day. A pic of us for daddy was the intent.

Now I must tell of my somewhat improptu session. I had scheduled for the first session of the day a week or two prior but Ella had fallen and hit her head with what I thought would be a bruise under her eye so I cancelled the session. But it healed very fast so I called back and got in at 11.

We arrived with our white clothes all neatly packaged up- I was determined that we would make it to the studio without dirty clothes. Of course, rain was in the forcast- (this was 3 days before the flooding) so I carried it all in in a garment bag. Of course then we had to get dressed which seemed to go pretty well.

Our photographer was very excited but, in my opinion, completely unprepared for Lars. I explained he was 2 and did not follow directions very well and he was err, umm...a bit active. I may have also underestimated Lars' capabilities at a photo studio. I did soon discover the assistant keep carrying things out of the studio to keep them out of his reach- kinda like at home. One guitar, then another, then several tea set items....they just kept disappearing. I hazily remember the photag asking Lars , in fact, pleading with him to sit just one more time. He would proudly and loudly jump up and down and yell "no". How she got any pictures let alone several that were cute is beyond me. I think she wanted more of the calm candid thoughtful child pics they often advertise. I guess, no, I know that is not my son. I prefer my slightly crazy, active, full of personality Lars. Hard to handle... but worth every second of the struggle for one hug and a "lub you" at bedtime.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Last Day

Here is Ella on her last day of school. It is hard to believe how fast it went. Bradie is on the left and Marissa on the right. Both of them are leaving and then we found out Susan, the head of schools, is also leaving. I will miss their community focus and the people there so much. It seems though that I can run into everyone at Farmer's Market this summer! We were saying prayers the other night, and I said to Ella that we should bless all of our Willowwind friends because we will miss them next year. Ella was very indignant and said, "No, Mommy! I am happy of my new friends." I guess it is all in how you look at it. She will love Amana next year!

Cars Cars Cars

I have been wanting to get Lars more cars but I really think they are really overpriced. Imagine my delight walking into Goodwill a finding a huge gallon size ziplock full of cars! When Lars got home he sat a played and played. We have them in his room and he sorts them out and even takes them to bed. I thanked the Godwill guys profusely! I also included Ella in making a huge tower.

Bug Bite YIKES!

So Lars got a small but bite that turned into this. He looked like a prize fighter. he did not complain about it but boy I winced everytime I looked at him. The bugs sure do like him!

Hazel Mae

Just updating a cute post of Hazel She is getting so big so quickly. She has found her hands. Hopefully more pics to come!

Apron Mania

Ella choose the fabric for this beautiful apron! Her preschool teacher wears aprons every day. I thought I would also give her the book A is for Apron but I decided I needed it to make more aprons. Marissa's apron is Strawberry Field Forever and the trims on this are beyond cute! I have rick rack and little mini pom poms. Ella also signed it Love Ella. I hope she loves it!

Next I made this Daisy Twirl apron for a donation for Home Ec. They have the greatest fabrics and are having an apron contest. I am pretty excited about his one. I also have enough fabric left I can make another. It is not exactly my style but it is probably someones. I think the combination of the two fabrics is so cute! I did not take a picture of the back but I just learned how to use y serger so I wil say the back is just as beautiful as the front!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Flood 2008 recap

Internet has been down for what seemed like forever. It was off and on. I was taking a class on the internet so that made it double difficult. But I am thankful this has been my real only inconvenience!

So for memory's sake this flood is was worse than anyone expected. It came super fast and I cannot believe how slow, really slowly, the waters are going down. Essentially half the strip in Coralville is flooded out. City Park is underwater. Jess who lies above City Park has one way in and one way out of her home. There was flooding in Amana too. I will check that out on Monday.

Cedar Rapids was in whole differnt situation. Basically the entire downtown was underwater- more than 800 city blocks. All the bridges- and that is several. The biggest difference is it went down fast. No one however expected it as bad as it was so many places and homeowners were completely caught unprepared and off guard.

The toll is still to be told. Thousands of homes, businesses and school & churches have been damaged and possibly destroyed.

I took Ella to play at the church one day so Nora and I could watch kids so families could go sandbag. We also took the kids to the library. Ella loved the playroom. She got out a bunch of orange cones and promptly announced that no one could go past them. This was a flood zone. I guess she was trying to make sense of the craziness. So are we.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Oh my...what have I been doing? I always know the end of the school year creeps up on me and this is usually my stress relief. Well I apparently have had little to no stress relief as of late. I see some coming soon in my future.

I finished school a few weeks ago. I started a class the week after online and just finished it. It was pretty easy but I had to do most everything at night. My other class was cancelled and is rescheduled when I have appointments set up. I will need to find another class to get my hours.

The best things today was I found a car for Bret! I was the first person there and we got it. Wow I never knew shopping for a car was so first come first serve.