Saturday, June 28, 2008

Darling Pictures

Here are a few absolutely beautiful pictures of the kids in their South African wedding wear. I had to post these because they will just not be this small and perfect forever. I love how sweet and innocent they look here. I know they are sweet and innocent but these pictures really capture that. And Lars has a hint of trouble in his smirk. I have one more coming...

This is my favorite picture of us in a long time. Bret is missing because we did this for Father's Day. A pic of us for daddy was the intent.

Now I must tell of my somewhat improptu session. I had scheduled for the first session of the day a week or two prior but Ella had fallen and hit her head with what I thought would be a bruise under her eye so I cancelled the session. But it healed very fast so I called back and got in at 11.

We arrived with our white clothes all neatly packaged up- I was determined that we would make it to the studio without dirty clothes. Of course, rain was in the forcast- (this was 3 days before the flooding) so I carried it all in in a garment bag. Of course then we had to get dressed which seemed to go pretty well.

Our photographer was very excited but, in my opinion, completely unprepared for Lars. I explained he was 2 and did not follow directions very well and he was err, umm...a bit active. I may have also underestimated Lars' capabilities at a photo studio. I did soon discover the assistant keep carrying things out of the studio to keep them out of his reach- kinda like at home. One guitar, then another, then several tea set items....they just kept disappearing. I hazily remember the photag asking Lars , in fact, pleading with him to sit just one more time. He would proudly and loudly jump up and down and yell "no". How she got any pictures let alone several that were cute is beyond me. I think she wanted more of the calm candid thoughtful child pics they often advertise. I guess, no, I know that is not my son. I prefer my slightly crazy, active, full of personality Lars. Hard to handle... but worth every second of the struggle for one hug and a "lub you" at bedtime.

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Brenda Rae said...

I can totally understand, but in most cases Drew gets shy and refuses to look up at photo studios. It is in the stores when I find him under the rack of clothes is when I roll my eyes.