Saturday, June 21, 2008

Flood 2008 recap

Internet has been down for what seemed like forever. It was off and on. I was taking a class on the internet so that made it double difficult. But I am thankful this has been my real only inconvenience!

So for memory's sake this flood is was worse than anyone expected. It came super fast and I cannot believe how slow, really slowly, the waters are going down. Essentially half the strip in Coralville is flooded out. City Park is underwater. Jess who lies above City Park has one way in and one way out of her home. There was flooding in Amana too. I will check that out on Monday.

Cedar Rapids was in whole differnt situation. Basically the entire downtown was underwater- more than 800 city blocks. All the bridges- and that is several. The biggest difference is it went down fast. No one however expected it as bad as it was so many places and homeowners were completely caught unprepared and off guard.

The toll is still to be told. Thousands of homes, businesses and school & churches have been damaged and possibly destroyed.

I took Ella to play at the church one day so Nora and I could watch kids so families could go sandbag. We also took the kids to the library. Ella loved the playroom. She got out a bunch of orange cones and promptly announced that no one could go past them. This was a flood zone. I guess she was trying to make sense of the craziness. So are we.

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