Sunday, June 22, 2008

Apron Mania

Ella choose the fabric for this beautiful apron! Her preschool teacher wears aprons every day. I thought I would also give her the book A is for Apron but I decided I needed it to make more aprons. Marissa's apron is Strawberry Field Forever and the trims on this are beyond cute! I have rick rack and little mini pom poms. Ella also signed it Love Ella. I hope she loves it!

Next I made this Daisy Twirl apron for a donation for Home Ec. They have the greatest fabrics and are having an apron contest. I am pretty excited about his one. I also have enough fabric left I can make another. It is not exactly my style but it is probably someones. I think the combination of the two fabrics is so cute! I did not take a picture of the back but I just learned how to use y serger so I wil say the back is just as beautiful as the front!

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