Saturday, July 26, 2008

Such a Big Boy, sniff,sniff...

Two firsts here yesterday.
I took the kids to tot time at Mercer and as I was walking over to talk to Nora, I noticed this boy riding a big wheel pretty fast right towards me, then I realized it was my son, Lars. I almost started crying. He was so proud of himself that he rode that bike for 20 minutes solid. He practiced turning and going fast and stopping. His feet- without shoes- finally reached and coordinated so he could pedal it all over the gym. Even Ella knew what a big deal it was. She looked at me with a huge smile and open mouth of awe look.

Then in the afternoon, I bit the bullet and took down his crib. I put his mattress on the floor for a transition bed with Ella's rug underneath it. he was so happy to see his new room. Ella and Lars played in there for a couple of hours- pretending it was bedtime and tucking each other in. The real test was bedtime. He understood exactly how it worked and I stayed in much of the night just on the other side of the room to help him to understand he needs to stay in the bed and go to sleep. I did discover how much he likes to play with his animals at bedtime and sing to them and talk to them before he goes to sleep. I wonder what kind of imagination he will have.

This is 2 pretty big milestones in the same day. I can handle it but I am pretty sure that this growing up thing will amaze me every step of the way. When is it appropriate to cry? It's tears of joy , right?

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