Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Making A Mermaid Pinata

First wrap up you oatmeal container with background colored paper.

Then take your 2 mirror image pictures of mermaid and you draw in the face and body. Using tissue you create fringes in different colors for the scales and do fringes for the hair. Ella happily helped apply the glue and I applied the fringes in layers over the mermaids' tails and their wavy hair. I think it helped to lay them out before the glue was applied and cut or tear them to size before application. You can leave a little hang over then trim it later.

Mermaid twins!
Attach then around the pinata and fill with candy. Hang yarn through the top part to hang it from a tree. I did find that I needed to perforate the bottom of the container, as it was young children trying to break it open.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial in making your own pinata! This should be able to work with any idea you can think of! Why buy store bought when you can make your own with stuff from your home!

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