Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Swimming Fun

Have I blogged about how much I love Ella's swimsuit? Well, I do.
I think a fun swimsuit every year is a good investment since she has worn it so much.
I get compliments on it all the time. Plus it is so much fun!

We went swimming at the Elks on the 5th of July with Grandpa and the kids had so much fun! It really is such a great pool. I think we are fortunate in Iowa City to have access to so many great pools. I would rank them like this;
1. Elks Club- small and never crowded. Y
Nice zero entry area for small kids. Lots of seating too! ou can eat and hubbies can golf while kids play. I do not have to worry about wierdos here or crazy kids running around. Kids always share toys and mommies and daddies are friendly. Ella and Lars always make friends.
2. North Liberty- huge huge shallow end. They also have indoor and outdoor- both with zero entry. A fun slide for preschool age. Great for swimming lessons too! Rarely crowded and they have a great covered section for the little ones and mommies too.
3. Coralville- The best for the toddler set. They have a huge splash pad that Lars can play in for hours. Also a nice shallow end and slide for preschoolers. I am not crazy with how busy they get and the amount of children that run around.
4. My biggest disappointment is City Park Pool. I love how close they are and , yes, they do have a baby pool section, which is likely from the 70's. this pool is great for swimming age children but not young kids. I can only hope they get the opportunity to re-vamp this pool and update it so my kids can walk down the hill to play at the closest pool to where we live. Let's hope!

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