Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sewing Hero

In between my own sewing projects I have been getting sidetracked (is it just me?) but other much cuter projects. I found a darling example of a wrap dress on Tiny Happy. So I decided I would create and sew this for Ella. How hard could it be? Aren't wrap dresses forgiving?

This is the final product and I am really in love with it. I created the pattern, slightly modified from the one that Tiny Happy suggested. Then I did not want to use really expensive material for my "rough draft", so I had leftover curtain material and leftover bias tape. It was quilting bias, so I did cut it in half and refold it so it was smaller. The bias was a bit of a pain. I thought it was coming up too much on the edges so I added a second stitch. Next time, I think one stitch close to the edge will do. I also was shown at Home Ec. to sew it down on the inside (one side of bias at first ten to fold it over for the top stitch. I can't wait to try this on the next one. It sounds like it will take longer and be a bit of work but I think I will be happy with the final effect. It really is the only work that is in the dress. For about 1 yard of fabric, I think this is a very cute dress. I also love how it will grow with my daughter too. I think all clothes should be adjustable.

She wore this dress to farmer's market the other night. I was all smiles when she kept going up to her friends and telling then, "Don't you love my beautiful dress? My mommy made it." Enough to bring tears to me eyes. It may be a dream she will appreciate my work forever. Hopefully someday she will. For now, however I am her sewing hero!

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