Sunday, July 6, 2008

Turtle Love

Look close- the orange design is a turtle shell! He has a yellow head, tail and legs poking out.
I did not realize how abstract this fabric looks from a distance!

It seems as if I cannot get enough projects this summer. I saw this turtle fabric by Michael Alexander and it reminded me of my room growing up. I wish I had a picture. It had green walls, with curtains with matching green flowers with orange blooms. I remember decals ont he walls of a pink hippo and monkeys (all pink and orange of course). This may explain my love of orange with green and pink. Well, this fabric became my second dress for Ella this summer. She picked the pink flower button below. I created the pattern base off of a shirt she had- I just made it longer and slightly larger.

I had intended to use more bias tape to finish it off, but one I had the top and the bottom together, I wanted something to bring it all together. I went to the fabric store with the intention of getting an orange or yellow fabric, but then the turquoise polka dots spoke to me. Often to not match- can be the cutest design of all. But I think somehow it all still goes. I love when accidents happen and turn out better than you imagined. I did experiment with the "hidden hem stitch". I did not do a very good job and will need to re-do this, but I think it is a useful stitch to use for dresses. I think the trick is in the ironing. Have I mentioned how much I love my new pink iron? It is a completely satisfying endeavor to iron a finished seam and then topstich it. It still amazes me how I can sew something that looks so cute!

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