Sunday, July 6, 2008

Onesie Fun

I have all these beautiful scraps. What to do, what to do? I definitely need to make some cute little doll clothes for Miss Ella. But for now I made some cute baby onesies and practiced my satin stich or applique. It is not 100% perfect but I think they improved as I went. The pink set is a gift for McKenzie- the snuggliest baby I have held since Ella. The second is for practice, fun and Hazel got one too.

Jess gave me a huge bag of scrap fabrics from her collection that are from the 70's. Most are cut into 3X3 squares- so I see some doll quilts coming my way. I sorted them by color and design. There are some cool ones I will need to post on here. I just love fabric! Especially when it is free or re-purposed. Using old to make into new is one of my reasons for sewing so much lately. Rather than buying new, I would much rather create something. It is so much more fun and personal this way. Now to find the time...

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