Friday, July 25, 2008

Farmers' Market Fun

This summer one of our regular routines is Farmer's Market. I think it has become something much more social than the actual purchasing of food. I am not alone here on the rise in prices but I do not know when tomatoes increase to $1 a piece? This is crazy! I can get good deals on things like squash, kolharabi, beans, cucumbers- otherwise known as things no one else wants. This is why I have only things I want in my garden and things that I know are too costly at FM.

So, let me talk about the social scene. I think this is such a great happy family friendly atmosphere. There are mommies and daddies everywhere. It is not huge. Let's face it- the market is in a parking ramp. I still think this is weird and kinda confining, but it is nice, cool and shaded for the vendors. On Wednesdays, it is a mini preschool reunion. Ella will likely run into Mia, Elena, Alice, Sebastian, Hailey and Rebecca. Lars is enamored with Sebastian and chases him and his brother Diego all around. The kids climb trees, run and play. Favorite are egg rolls and snow cones. I recommend the peach and orange mix- kinda like a slushy fuzzy navel (without the kick). The fun for me is while my kids are free to run around, I can chat with Nora, Sonya, Jeff, Ellen or any other parents or friends who happen to stop by. It is a bit of a relaxing moment for me (until Lars decides to run away for more snow cone!) but it is so much fun to see our kids play and enjoy being with their friends in the lazy heat filled days and nights of Farmer's Market. Oh, I forgot to mention there is music for the kids to dance to as well. It is often some one kinda folksy and fun and the kids seem to enjoy it so much!

I will need to take the kids to Dubuque's FM, in terms of produts and prices, as I think it is the best FM I have been to. But it does not have the scene our does!

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