Friday, March 21, 2008

Recycled art

I can't seem to get all the projects in my head completed, or should I say even started. Well I did get the recycled Easter cards done but I doubt I will have them in the mail in time for people to receive them tomorrow. I guess I won't worry about that. Recently I took pics of all of Ella's artwork (too numerous to show all here) and some that we have many kinds of- I recycled into eggs and bunnies, to make our own one of a kind easter cards. This was totally an inspiration from Secret Agent Josephine. I think they are pretty but simple. I can't wait to try more for another occasion or just for fun.

I also have the beginning of two more capes. One for Alena, one of Ella's classmates- this is the pink and yellow ensemble. It is some really cute zoo animal fabric that had a modern and batik feel to it. The second set is for Grace, who is exactly one month younger than Lars. She loves sock monkeys and I was so happy to find this fabric. I think it will be perfect! I need to give kuddos to Elizabeth and Heather who recommended I try a fabric store in North Liberty called the Common Threads Quilt Shoppe. I seriously never would have gone into there since I do not quilt, but their fabric selection was beautiful. They also love children, which is a huge plus in my book! There was a toy section and a baby area where Ella could put a baby to bed or in a high chair. They were beautiful antique baby toys which made me want a cute baby crib for Ella. I must remember to look for one this summer!

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