Monday, March 3, 2008

Lars Birthday

I have been shamelessly checking out friends' blogs and I discovered this easy photo display tool! I am in love. It was easy and is so cool! Thanks Brenda!

As for my weekend, it was birthday party fun! I think Lars had a great 2nd birthday. He had breakfast with grandparents at Mickey's first then we had a small party at our house. The theme was "Messy Party" and Lars did a great job making a real mess! We began by making playdough from scratch, which I must say worked really well. The older girls loved dropping & mixing in the colors. We had red, spring green, yellow, purple and orange! Quite a beautiful assortment.

Next I cleared the table for painting. Again we had some very beautiful mixing and blending. The little spill proof paint cups worked! I was amazed at how well the kids did. I am not sure what I expected- but it was much much messier in my head than how it ended up. Lars did paint his head and his highchair-but other than that it was paint free.

Then we cleaned the kids up and let then run and play while I got lunch and cupcakes ready. They were happy to play with their Groovy girl dolls and try to play monster with Lars. Quickly they were all running and screaming so we practiced some quieter games. Then we ate pigs in a blanket, pears and banana cupcakes. Ella led everyone in a rousing version of Happy Birthday as Lars looked around slightly confused but when he realized all the fuss was for him, then he decided to blow the candles out (with daddy's help). Ella was a such a good big sister!

Lars did get many gifts throughout the day- which I think was almost better than all at once which can be overwhelming. He got presents from Grandpa at Mickeys, then later bunches of stuff from Nana and Papa. At the party he got cars from Natalie & Max. Later, because we forgot, he got books from Ella and a basketball hoop from mommy and daddy. He loves to shoot hoops then cheer, " I did it!" I will be sure to post more on the basketball hoop another time!

Again, I must remember to keep it simple. Even though there were only 4 guests, it was a full day for him. It was plenty big and fun of a party for a 2 year old. I would say the other kids had a great time too! We accomplished this all in 1 1/2 hours and clean up was pretty quick too! Lars did not nap today likely due to all of the excitement. He was a really good sport about trying but there was no chance he was going to sleep. Bret and I both tried but to no avail we gave up after 2 hours. After all it was his birthday right...?

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