Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Asleep. It is 8:15 and all kids are asleep. This is one of many days since the spider made an appearance Ella has become a great sleeper again. She once was- but I guess she forgot how to sleep all night when she hit 3. Lars still goes down at 7:30 and he is so funny at bedtime. He needs his lamb, his elephant, his giraffe and he often wants a book too. Then he takes all of these things into his arms at bedtime in his crib and holds them, hugs them tight to his chest then says "goodnight". He just wants all his friends close. He might be a stuffed animal kiddo just like his uncle Bobo. Will he have his own Kirby? This is a picture Bret got one day at nap. They really do not sleep together!

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