Monday, March 24, 2008

Funny girl

So it really was a crazy morning without my help. A shooter on the loose and it turned out very badly. There was a school lockdown, but Ella missed it because she was at Nora's due to a set of missing keys.

Some funny things were said on Ella's part! She was excited for French class to sing "Frer a jack ass"! Nora laughed pretty hard at this one. Then when I went to pick her up at school she greeted me with, "Guess what mommy. I had two pairs of panties on today. Isn't that funny!?" To which her after school worker laughed and told her how funny she was. I looked at Ella and had a hard time keeping my face
straight because she was telling me the truth! Somehow she had on 2 pairs of underwear. My guess is that she was putting on her new panties but forgot to take off her old ones. I laugh that she did this and even more at how funny she thought it was! I wonder if they believe anything she says at school because she has some pretty funny stories!

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