Friday, March 7, 2008

More Birthday

We were so glad to get through the party in one piece, that we actually forgot to give Lars the gifts we had gotten for him. It actually is pretty funny since Ella was the one who remembered at naptime. She was very excited to give Lars the books she picked out at a church book sale. Lars is fascinated by the troll in The Billy Goats Gruff.
Then we gave him his basketball hoop. As you can see, he absolutely loved it. he demonstrated that love with a hug for the box. Cute! He loves putting the ball in the hoop and yells loudly, in true Dora style, "I did it!". Then of course he claps and laughs and smiles for himself. Mental note to teach humility at some point- but not today. He is way too happy with himself. The "Mr. Happy" tee he has is by far one of the most perfect shirts he has so far. It is a favorite of his and sums him up pretty well!

He concentrates so hard when shooting his hoops. I especially loved the tongue action here!

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Brenda Rae said...

It's looking good! Can I add you as a link to mine?