Saturday, March 15, 2008

Amana Fun

My kids have spent 2 days in Amana having FUN. (Not in a row) Last week we survived the fun fair. This week we went to the middle school play. Above are many pictures of the fun fair. We started off in the ball bouncing pit, for toddlers, and they really loved being able to jump without being trampled by the big kids. Below you see a threesome jumping, that is Ella, Lars and Grace- one of my co-worker's child. She is one month exactly younger than Lars.

Lars loved kicking the soccer ball and Ellie Cutler was more than patient to let him kick it wherever he wanted. It was pretty funny how he ignored all direction and just would stick his tongue out and kick away.

Once Ella discovered she could go up and down the slide, she ran a circuit of about 6 or 7 laps. She was pretty exhausted and on the way home she told us that she was tired!

At the middle school play, we came prepared with popcorn and water so I could bribe my children with somethings to eat as they watched the play. Here are a few highlights; Ella loved it when the actors did a play fight to "Kung Fu Fighting" as they were staged in two circles. Jess (the director) was not even sure how it was going to turn out and it was funny! One of my favorite parts was when one of the sets fell down , 2 or 3 times, and the cast did a fantastic job keeping it together. It just is not a middle school play without something disasterous happening! And the biggest things that was overcome all evening was when Jory W. filled in for main character Ali Baba (aka Nate L) who went home sick on the day of the play. Jory held his script and did the best he could and the supporting actors tried to help to. It truly added to the "middle school play" feel! At the end of the play, Ella stood up and cheered loudly and yelled Jess' name. Then when she realized Jess did not hear her over the crowd she began crying. So we went up to the stage to congratulate her and Ella was able to stand on the stage. She went home super happy because she was on the stage. She loved that over everything else!

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