Thursday, March 27, 2008


Tonight, Bret and I took the kids to the U of Iowa Art Museum to see the Zoom exhibit by Robert Wilson. The kids were pretty fascinated by the HD "portraits". Lars was alittle scared f the close up of the dog but he loved the Owl Room. The owl portraits are scattered around the room and the sounds of the owls screeching take you all around the room. Ella was proud to show me her favorite. It was a beautiful woman on a swing wearing sparkley pink pumps, sparkley pink underwear and shiny pink tassels. She was so proud to tell me loudly that she loved the sparkles and it was her favorite! She made a couple of women next to me giggle and agree! At bedtime she asked me what she had that was sparkles like the picture! I love the fact she thought a girl who basically was a pin-up girl was pretty! No judgment other than admiration of the sparkles!

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