Monday, March 23, 2009

Minnesota Children's Museum 2009

If you enjoy the Iowa Children's Museum, be prepared to be blown away by the MInnesota Children's Museum. Nora and I planned on going while we were in Minneapolis on our Spring Break. The decision was based upon the fact that we were able to go for FREE! Our museum is a member of the Association of Children's Museums and since we belong due to our membership with the ICM then we automatically gain entrance to all the other museums within the ACM due to reciprocity. This is the coolest reason to belong to the ICM. Bret is already looking to see how many free museums we could hit on our way to Colorado if we take a road trip this summer. Click on the link to see all the museums included! It is amazing and I want to see several; on my list is Denver, Brooklyn, Navy Pier, and some in Wisconsin. Did you know Lacross has a children's museum?

Well, the MCM was fantabulous! We began on the fourth (yes Fourth!!) floor and worked our way down. You will see highlights on the Earth Room, Clifford Room, and Waterplay. I left out some of the city (which was pretty cool too!) The younger kids enjoyed Habitot which explore habitats of Minnesota in a kid friendly way! Even Hazel got in on the action. The kids loved working with conveyer belts and I was amazed at the ant tunnels that Ella and Alice crawled in for quite some time. Lars loved making frogs and tadpoles jump in a real like creek with Greta. But I think bigger than life Clifford was a highlight! All were exhausted by the end of our morning. It was a full day and I would guess we only saw about 1/2 the museum really had to offer! What a great time!

This museum catered to a wider age range than our own. Each room has a variety of activities to engage kids of ages 1-10. I would think some older kids might enjoy it too! What I can't wait for most of all is going back when we visit our friends in Minneapolis!

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