Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break 2009- Decorah

This is a view of the kids descending the trail. You can see from here how steep and windy it was. They absolutely loved it and I must say it was really pretty. I would love to come back here in the fall sometime.

Nora & Hazel in front of the waterfalls mouth. Here is where Nora jumped the fence to take a closer look. Later Lars told Nora he did not want her to go with us. Turned out he was mad she "broke the rules" and jumped the fence.

The waterfall was fed by a natural spring and had a beautiful little creek with clear water.

Running on the bridge. I love Lars' floppy hair in this picture!

The loved the little hike, although we may not have been dressed the most appropriately for this trip. It was about 10 degrees cooler in the shade of the trees. This caught all of us by surprise. About halfway up the stairs, Ella's little silver slide-on shoes stayed behind in the mud and her foot kept moving, thus getting her tight covered foot covered in the same sticky mud. I, of course, had whining and tears but she put her shoe back on and continued up the path. Getting to the top was way worth it!

Ella, Alice, Elyse
They all have become such big girls since their first days as preschoolers at Willowwind!

Here we are in front of Elyse's house. We do not exactly look like we are ready to go hiking do we? The girls and Lars had just has a splendid afternoon playing throughout the house and we had a delicious lunch of pizza, chicken fries, fruit and veggies.

The reason we came was to see the new baby, Ole Hans Storjle.
He was a good little baby, sleeping through much of the commotion of the kids playing.
It was fun to meet him and Patty & Elyse again!

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