Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break 2009- Elkader

Needless to say our trip began after a quick run to the pharmacy to get my kids both medicine for having strep throat. Lars had all the classic symptoms- a strawberry tounge, a red rash and a a high fever. Who knew? I asked Nora if she was comfortable having my kids int he car with hers and she knew Hazel was on antibiotics and we figured Alice had all ready been exposed, so we went for it and left that afternoon. The girls were so excited to be buddies and sit by each other in the back of the van. Lars understood we were going to see Nana but he was learning how to say MInneapoils and only could get out "appleis" or "applemini". Adorable!

The kids did sleep some of the way to Elkader. Everyone was excited about the plethora of cows and pigs (Alice's favorite!). When we arrived in Elkader and saw Nana's house or should I say Victorian B & B, the kids could not wait to run around and check everything out. Tours were given and I laughed as all the kids ran towards the toy closet immediately and began to play. Busy bodies had taken over Nana's house and they were having fun. Ella and Alice set up a dining table and began serving us all sorts of food. Brenda prepared us the kids a dinner of mac and cheese and hot dogs. Alice seemed to eat and eat! When they were done we got jammies on and let them play while we ate pork, walnut salad, with pesto pasta. Brenda never fails to spoil her guests. This was really a welcome and great start to our many nights ahead. We knew we had a long trip the next day so we all turned in at a reasonable hour but I enjoyed the wonderful conversation we all had. It was wonderful for me to be surrounded by 2 of my favorite women in the world for one night!

In the morning, the kids slept in til almost 8 am! Is this Heaven? No, it is Nana's, but close. I love hearing their pitter pat in this house as they run down the stairs and exclaim "nana" at the top of thier lungs. Truly a greeting of love and excitement. More playing ensued... I loved seeing Hazel sitting on the floor in the kitchen looking like a little cherub or a 20's baby. Her brown curls on her head and her angelic smile just make her one of the sweetest babies ever. Brenda could not quite get over how good she is! I told her that is is Hazel...that is how she is. After a breakfast of pancakes we began packing the car. Next we had a quick tour of Brenda's store, Willowcreek. Check it out here if you'd like to see it up close.

It really was a great night and morning. Thanks to Brenda for her ultimate hospitality. We felt so at home!

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