Sunday, March 22, 2009


  • sleeping over at Nora and Jeff's house
  • yummy sprinkled donuts
  • cartoons on the DVD player with friends
  • playing Light & Dark or Red Light, Green Light, Sharks in a basement with no furniture
  • The Hannah Anderssen outlet mall!!!!
  • lunch at Wendy's
  • consignment in Minneapolis
  • Oilily finds!!!!!
  • quiet time by all
  • pizza & pop!
  • watching the pizza dude throw pizza in the air as the kids clap and cheer
  • baby Thomas! awwww
  • riding a motorcycle - it looked dangerous and I heard it was too
  • drawing on the huge chalkboard
  • answering 70's trivia by Tom
  • winding down with friend's
  • wine & beer & March Madness basketball on Nora's red TV/pirate streaming
  • A possible revelation. Change is a comin'!
  • A fun day to be had by all!

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