Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Chariot Awaits

I was shocked when I saw the posting on Craigslist. A Chariot....in a price range I could afford? I was not looking for one but this was always on my dream list. I emailed immediately and was set up to look at it in a couple of days. Lone Tree...literally in the middle of nowhere. When we arrived at the cutest little yellow house with a picket fence, I was happy to see such a beauty. The husband proceeded to show me in about 30 seconds how to fold it downa nd pack it up so nicely all inside itself. Clearly a great feature! It also has attachments to hook it up to a bike for bike adventures this summer.

I see bike adventures this summer taking us to Farmer's Market, dance, ICPL, taking them to the gym, grocery store, possibly Mercer Park, Shimek, and many parks for playing. this gift to myself and my family fits right in my three goals for the year: fitness, fun and financial. It was a steal and I could turn around and sell it for more next week than I paid for it! That is a good thing!

I still need a bike tune up and need to get a lock system. I looked at helmets the other day and will outfit the whole family next paycheck with new helmets. When we looked at Bike World for helmets, I also started wondering if I need a new bike? Mine was a graduation gift and is about 20 years old..sheesh, that seems old. I will seek some bike advice from a neighbor and see what my needs are!

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