Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amana Fun Fair 2009

Ella looking so big & having a great time with her Amana buddies

Ball Pit (germ pit?) with Ella

This is the huge obstacle course inflatable that Lars was literally obsessed with!

Lars climbing up the wall with Tatiana (who played with him all night!)

We really had a blast this year at the Amana Fun Fair. The theme was Lego Land and it was full of building opportunities everywhere. Ella and Lars made beautiful sculptures that resemble a city at the scraps and building area. All wood scraps from the furniture store- some nice wood scraps I must say! Lars enjoyed Lego bowling with huge oversized Legos as pins. Together they enjoyed the Duck Pond where everyone is a winner! Ella tried her luck at the cake walk but sadly was not a winner. She handled it better then I thought she would.

The real excitement was seeing their friends and playing and jumping over and over with them in the ball pit and obstacle course. I really do not think i have ever let my kids go into a ball pit before due to germs. I read somewhere once that the germs in those pits (especially like at McDonalds) are horrible because they are never cleaned. But here it seemed to be something they enjoyed for a short bit then moved onto the bigger obstacle course. Ella cruised through but once she found her friends they decided to stay at the end of the course at the slide. They the three went up and down repeatedly- the slide part is the best! Lars was lucky enough to have a 5th grader, Tatiana, who thought he was super cute : ) who wanted to help him. She would get him in line and help him if he needed it over the climbing wall. He was really quite amazing and would just shimmy right up the wall, as my husband observed, "using his little monkey toes to grip right onto the wall."

We let the kids place bids on some of the gift baskets but we did not win. I heard they raised about $1000 which I find amazing. It was really a nice small fun fair. I hope future fun fairs are as much fun!! I have no idea what Shimek will have to bring.

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