Friday, April 3, 2009

Kindergarten Round Up

We were on our way......

Ella showed me her true colors at the kindergarten round up at Shimek Elementary. Bret and I went proud of our little girls really big milestone. She was a little nervous but not too much. When we entered the school, she began telling me the names of all the places- lunchroom or gym, office, library...on and on. Then we followed the blue crayons to the kindergarten room in the back of the building. We were greeted by her teacher who was sweet as can be. Ella could not find her name tag as it was written with another name...Emma. We found the teacher and she found me a marker and I made a new name tag quick as can be. Bret sat right in the front and we followed. Nervous children and parents seemed to keep streaming in. I knew a few parents and children by acquaintance from the neighborhood and Iowa City.

After a brief introduction, the kids were taken to the library for a book and activity. Ella may have been one of the first out the door. I literally think she bounced out the doorway! She was so excited to be in her kindergarten round up! She was a little sad she did not get to go to the Amana round up earlier in the week with some of her friends. One parent did tell me later that Ella seemed very confident and sure of herself. I tried explaining that she is just very comfortable in school settings. The parent was in a bit disbelief when I told her that she would not be 5 until July. Her height and self definitely lead people to think she is older. She is not, however, the tallest person in her class. That honor goes to the Hansen boy, whose dad is like 6 1/2 feet tall.

While the children were wisked away, us parents were left to look around the room and make up stories about each other in our heads while the teachers droned on about ways to help your child in readiness in mathematics and literacy skills. I felt a little like a student in a Charlie Brown cartoon. I did half listen to see if anything alerted me, but Shimek is a great school and all involved had great things to say.

A few concerns noted were the fact Iowa City does not have a set start time. Whaaaat? Hope they figure this out soon. Also ; it is a peanut free zone. I heard Bret groan in his head at this statement. I know it is not a big deal but something to deal with.

The other was class numbers. They are a small school, so they are planning on one section. Twenty kids showed for the open house. Charlie Towers, the new principal, informed the somewhat interested group that 25 is the magic number for two sections. Call me crazy,but I strongly think 22 is way too many for a KG classroom even with the help of an associate. Anything over 19 makes me nervous! I think the teacher is fantastic but small numbers is a good thing!

On a plus side, I am pleasantly surprised at the diversity in her classroom! I really hope this is a tight group and she can get to know the kids well in and out of school!

I am Ella and I am ready for kindergarten!

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