Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boutique Sale

If you know me at all, you know I love childrens' clothes. In fact, this is my achille's heel. If I see a good item at a great price I struggle passing it up! I share this obsession with Nora and Kim. I await the change of seasons to see our kids new outfits and new finds. We all buy ahead and have our organizational storage totes of upcoming sizes. I think I have winter coats for Ella for the new 4 years!

We have pooled our heads together and are planning an event!

Boutique House Sale
April 24th, 2009

The rest of the details will need to be worked out but Kim is our merchandiser, so I expect clothing arranged by American & European brand names. I am looking to sell outfits and sets as much as possible. we are trying to see if we open this to friends if we can get a little more than by getting just a few dollars through consignment (no offense Sarah) and by avoidinf Ebay. So prices will be cheaper than Ebay or consignment but more than a typical garage sale since we really are not selling our junk- this is our nice clothing we have been holding onto and just have not gotten rid of yet. Expect to see all seasons and sizes from newborn to 5 or 6. I also would like to say it will mainly be girls but some of Lars' goods will make it to this sale! If you are interested in more info please let me know!

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saras said...

Don't forget my invitation ;)