Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sometimes it Snows in April

These 2 above are from March 23, 2009. It snowed a few inches in Iowa City,
but 6 " in Amana. It was crazy!

This is April 5, 2009 in Iowa City. I can't believe I actually captured the snowflakes.

I am heavily reminded of one of my favorite Prince songs. Sigh this weather craziness is just getting to be a bit much. I took a video clip since it is so hard to get a picture of what it really looks like. We woke up this morning hoping we might just get rain, but alas snow was meant to come. We did have an Easter egg hunt today and we braved the cold wind for chocolate! Lars only complained twice and he actually wanted me to carry him due to being cold. In the past few weeks our weather has ranged from 70 degree days to 20 degrees. You have to love Spring!

The good news is that we have all sorts of pretty green things wanting to make their way out of the earth. In my head I am readying my garden, I just have not quite gotten there yet.

Here come my hostas! Looking forward to seeing you guys!

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