Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Heart Easter

Cutest Easter baskets Ever! This one by Moda Bankshop. This has a great and easy (me thinks) tutorial and I am blogging specifically about it so I have it on record so I can make it for next Easter. I may make one for storage first as practice.

I am bust working on organizing the Amana eggs we picked out the other day. If you have never seen Amana eggs, we took pictures of ours. We go these at the Kitchen Sink but you can also find these beauties at the General Store.

There is a little history behind these eggs:

The Amana settlers brought the tradition of the "Amana" Eggs with them them in the 1800's. The process involves hard boiling the eggs and then rolling the eggs in a very hot mixture of furniture glue and dyes. At the end of the day, the pieces of glue that were left over, were placed in together in a dish and the eggs were rolled in the multi-colored mixture resulting in the beautiful, marbelized multi-colored eggs, which are know today as "The end of day eggs." The furniture glue seals the eggs and they dry out inside. Kept in proper conditions, your hand dyed eggs will become a historical remembrance and should last from year to year!

I have had many of these eggs for years now and the inside just dries up and you can get a hard yolk inside sometimes. They get brittle after many many years but they are so pretty that I leave mine out all year long. Likely we will make some bunny holders with our thanks written on each item. Thanks for being some "bunny" special. Slightly corny but still cute!

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