Sunday, April 19, 2009

Toothfairy Awaits...

We have a loose tooth in our house. In fact, Ella's tooth has been loose since Friday. I laughed when she told me in the parking lot at Target that she had a loose tooth. I did in fact scream when I reached in a felt a substantially wobbly wiggly tooth in my 4 year old daughter's mouth. We went to show daddy and I proceeded to call several other people to share this surprising news. Ella was so excited at bedtime she could hardly contain her excitement. Her arms were shaking and she couldn't stop giggling. It was very sweet. She wanted to know when the tooth fairy was going to come. Ella has been excited for about the past year to loose her teeth. It seems like such a strange thing, but to her it is a rite of being an official "big girl"!
This is the beginning of the pillow. On red velvet, I had the idea for a cloud with the word "wish" in it to hover above some flowers. Then I was thinking of a wishing well to the right. As you can see below, ideas do not always come to be what you think. I ended up making a big basket instead with a bow on top. I wish it was a little more in the center, but since I have never made anything with embroidery, I think I was happy with some of the results.

She is a very satisfied customer and cannot wait to use her new tooth fairy pillow. Lars has already requested one. I have some blue velvet. I am thinking some kind of space & rocket theme might fit him. I will hope to have a few years to worry about this and to practice embroidery some more.

Bret has been saving dollar coins to use for the tooth fairy. She is young enough that she will be excited for anything though!

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