Friday, April 24, 2009

Red Rocks !!

The best concert venue hands down I have ever been to is Red Rocks in Colorado. It is hard to beat a concert in a cloud on a mountain. When I saw Phish there I think even the band was a little in awe of the amazing moment we were all having. Lights, music and clouds on the mountain. Friends added to the atmosphere too! It was truly one of the best concerts I have experienced with my husband.

I am excited to say that Bret really loves the venue as well. He has been contemplating going out there this summer for a trip with the family to see a baseball game, friends, and the lovely mountains and possibly to catch another show there. I know most people go to Colorado to go skiing but it is such a beautiful place to go in the summer as well. One of the most beautiful wedding I have been to was at Breckenridge Mountain for Brad & Melissa's wedding. I would love to revisit that area if we are near there.

But the real reason for my post is the excitement of Bret getting tickets for us to go see Wilco at Red Rocks. They are my new favorite band to see live and I may have a slight crush on Jeff Tweedy- or at least his ability to write crushingly beautiful lyrics set to some of the most haunting and lovely guitars melodies that I have heard in a long time. Now to find a babysitter in the Colorado area...if only Bret had a cousin who was great with children close by....oh wait he does!! Wish us luck!

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