Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rocky Balboa

Lars ate a rock. I still can't quite believe it. I picked up Ella from school and Lars must have picked up a rock. Our rule is that you are to not bring outside things into the car, but a very small pebble escaped my eyes. I was on 1st avenue when I heard Ella whisper to him, "Put it in your mouth!" To my horror I whirled around and asked what he had. Lars proudly announced it was a rock! I quickly pulled over into the nearest drive (which I never do!) and got out to fish the rock out of his mouth. When I got there he smiled huge, open his mouth for me, and said, "I ate it mommy. All gone!" I was a little horrified, then mad at Ella and Lars, then myself. Then I called Bret who laughed a little then told me to call his mom. She of course responded with, "Call him Rocky Balboa!" The sarcasm in this family runs deep. We all hope this shall pass:)

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Brenda Rae said...

that is worse than the rock they (preschool) had to fish out of Ally's nose!