Monday, April 14, 2008

Carseat Cover

Seems like I have been fairly crafty lately, so I will retro blog about one of my favorite accomplishments. I made another carseat cover for Lars' Britax. The one that was on there is okay but the elastic was a little stretched out and I figured that if I was going to redo that I may want to try to just do the whole thing.

I used paper and created my own pattern. It took much less fabric than I thought it would. I would say the most difficult thing was getting the stuffing right. This seat is a little more padded in a few areas than the Britax carseat and I really liked the fact I could use 100% cotton fill. It really is comfy! Now I am reluctant to show this to others because they may want one. It was possible but not exactly a few hour project. I did it in many sections and really worked on finishing my seams off well. I think the serger my mom gave me may actually help me on a project like this.

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