Friday, April 11, 2008

Hazel is home!

It has been a crazy week! But there is a new girl on the block. Hazel Mae. I am anxiously awaiting meeting her. She was 5 days late in her arrival and she gave us all a scare as she did nto want to come out and her heart rate went down pretty low. We have been helping in what ever ways we can by playing with and taking care of Alice and Greta. I almost forgot to tell her stats; She was born Wed. April 9, 2008 at 4:20 pm (Bret did laugh!) and she was exactly 7 pounds small. My Ella was exactly 7 pounds as well, so this is familiar territory for me, but it is a whole new world for Nora and her other two were closer to 9 pounds. We will likely go meet this little girl tomorrow. Ella has already asked me for a little sister especially now that, as she told me, that Lars is no longer a baby. This about made me cry because I do think of him as my baby. But reality is that he is getting to be such a big boy! I wish Nora and Jeff well with their new little girl and hope they transition smoothly to a family of three!

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