Monday, April 21, 2008

Preschool Blues

I have officially discovered that Ella's lead teacher and classroom aid are not returning. This makes me sad, but I am glad they are telling the parents. I do not want them to tell Ella quite yet, but we'll see how she handles it. This will however, seal the deal for me to take Ella to Kleinschool (the preschool in my building) in Amana. I have computed that I would earn more than 100 hours of time with her- and that does not include the 30 minute drive in the car everyday! She will loose morning time with daddy- I will need to ask him how he feels about that. I will be able to eat lunch with her. She can take private, yes you heard that, private swim lessons in Amana. she will go swimming every Tuesday. Who takes preschoolers swimming? Crazy! I know many of the kids and she will love playing with them. They go on field trips. They go to the library. WW does not really have a library. We have a great one! Oh- did I mention I will save money! This is one of the biggest reasons- but all the others are definitely factors too.

Nora just told me that she thought Ella was one of the most resilient girls she knows. That made me a little choked up. I thought she was but I think I had forgotten in all this craziness and then I realized- she will be fine. It really is just preschool after all!

There are way too many things I cannot mention right now that we will miss. I think that will be another post. A sad one. Lets keep this positive. I think it is a good thing!

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