Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Like Momma like Daughter

Here is Ella and me with our new haircuts. Clara cut Ella's on Saturday and I had planned on getting it much shorter since it grows so fast. Ella was so still and did such a great job at the salon.

Yesterday, I found myself with a few hours and hoped Kristy could sneak me in- and she could! I was all about getting my bangs cut and she did that first. Then we decided to take the length up and about 5 inches were gone before I knew it. I love it but still am not sure I am looking at in the mirror when I walk by. It was fun today at school as I received lots of compliments on my new hair- as it is a pretty extreme difference from yesterday.

I was not particularly intending to get the same haircut as her, but when I came home she was so proud of me for having the same haircut as her. I can't quite get over how much the same color we are. I think there is little bit of a resemblence! HA!

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