Sunday, April 27, 2008

It was a great shopping day here! I scored a small Trek bike for $12 and found a tag along for Nora for $50. The real finds were 2 Oilily items. The cutest shirt with gnomes traveling around the world for Hazel (we considered it for Lars but too much pink) and he got the cutest pants with a suitcase on front and an orange star in back! I was in love. So I took pics of him today (front and back!)

We also bought mother's day cards and mother's day presents, not for me, for the grandmas. Ella loved choosing the gifts at the Riverbank Art Fair. Nana loves pottery so a pretty bowl was an easy choice and Grandma Sandy will love the hanging hummingbird Ella got her to hang in her window.It is small but very pretty. I think we all need a little pretty in our lives. Then we had to take pictures of them for Mother's Day.

Bret's softball season began today and the kids cheered on daddy. It was pretty cute how much they got into it. Did I mention it was like 40 degrees out. With the sun it felt warmer- but man it is way too cold for end of April! I cannot wait for it to warm up on a consistent basis! My favorite part was when Ella yelled, "Go Daddy Hackathorn!" What a ramble today. Just a lot going on I guess!

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