Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Woodland Fairy

Woodland Fairy
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So...Ella has been going on and on about those "girl" dolls, but I discovered these and think I love these. They are totally handmade by Bamboletta Dolls. They can be custom ordered and they usually come with a full outfit including a handknit sweater. They also make adorable boy dolls- which was why I was first attracted to them. Then Nora discovered the Fairies. Oooohhh a whole new thing to look at. I will need to show Ella.

Meanwhile, I will start preparing my stash of fabric to make Ella some doll clothes for her birthday. I think I have decided to make a nightgown,dress, shirt, pants, shorts, hat and possibly a sling for Ella as well as a pair of matching pants for Ella to wear with the same material as the dolls. Once school is out, I will begin an item a night marathon! I can't wait!!

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