Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can it be?

I am hoping by writing about this that I am not jinxing it, but Lars has managed to not wet or soil himself for 4 full days in a row. I think we may have crossed the bridge to potty training. I laugh because there is exactly 10 days of school left! Too funny that he is getting it now. I owe all he credit to Spiderman and his friends- the underpants that is.

I purchased this pack of underwear a month ago to use as an incentive if he did stay dry, and I put them out of his reach in his room.The other night he saw them again and we looked at the package and examined how cool the underwear were. We talked about how he could get them by staying dry and not wetting your pants. Sunday, he stayed dry all day! I was not quite sure what I had done different but I gave him his underwear to wear on Monday and he did not want to get them dirty or change them because the are his cool underwear. In fact he tried pulling down his pants several times to show staff and friends.

The next day, Lars did the same. I was in some kind of disbelief. Then this morning when he got dressed he wanted to tun them around so the big pictures were in front where he could see them My friend, Jess, seemed to think that this made sense to a 3 year old. Bigger is better so why not place the big picture in front. I gave in all for the sake of potty training.

Now my question is , at what point can we consider him trained? He is still wet in the morning from sleeping but he can stay dry at naptime. I need to remember bedtime stuff so he can get through a night....I have talked about a Build a Bear for him once her gives up diapers. In fact I have a box of diapers in the car I need to return (I got Dora on accident)! I am kinda hoping I can return them and get a smaller package.

5-25-09 Update
Seriously, what a great week then he had a horrible day on Friday, but this weekend he has been dry and even used the potty himself! Of course, he acts like it no big deal. Too funny. He got up from lunch and went all by himself. I had to ask him what he did. LOL. He wasn't going to tell me. Potty secret??

He managed to tell us when he had to go #2 twice today and he got there in time too! I think a MAJOR corner has been turned. The build-a-bear is still hanging over his head as his incentive. I think he is really excited about this. It was a big thing to Ella when she got hers so I hope to make it as big a deal as I can.

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