Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tooth Fairy...finally!

Ella has had a loose tooth now for 2 weeks. She took a nap yesterday and when she showed me her mouth after waking up, I laughed pretty heartily as her loose tooth was hanging down as the rest of her teeth were upright. I informed her that I had to pull it. After some disagreement and protest, I took a picture of it and showed it to her. She giggled after viewing the funny sight then agreed! I easily got ahold of this hanging particle and just pulled it out with a protest or wimper. She was so proud of her new hole in her jawline.

I laughed the rest of the evening as she continued to stick her tongue into the new spot. She was excited at nighttime to put the tooth into the pillow. She also wanted to hang it on the doorknob so the toothfairy could easily get to it. Thanks! I think the pillow wil be helpful on the knob as reminder to do the exchange after bedtime and I also won't have to worry about disturbing her in her sleep!

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